Japanese hairstyles

September 18, 2019


The Japanese have a long and storied history when it comes to hairstyles. From the traditional samurai topknot to the more modern shaggy cut, Japanese hairstyles have been around for centuries and continue to evolve as time goes on. From the intricate and precise geisha hairstyles to the more casual and modern hairstyles, Japanese hairstyles are varied and unique. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or something to fit the day's fashion trends, the Japanese have a hairstyle for everyone.

Exploring Traditional Japanese Hairstyles: History and Meaning

Hair is an essential part of Japanese culture, and a variety of traditional Japanese hairstyles are still popular today. From the iconic topknot to the striking shimada, these hairstyles are steeped in history and culture and are still worn proudly. Let's start at the top with the iconic topknot. This style is believed to have originated from the Heian period (794-1185) when high-ranking courtiers and aristocrats would wear their hair in a high, smooth knot. It was a sign of wealth, power, and status and remains a symbol of class and sophistication today. Next up is the striking shimada. This style is believed to have originated in the Edo period (1603-1868) when both samurai and geishas wore it. The shimada was also a sign of status and wealth, and its intricate braiding made it a timeless and elegant hairstyle. The odango is another traditional Japanese hairstyle believed to have originated in the Edo period. It consists of two symmetrical buns on either side of the head and is often worn with a decorative hair accessory. This style is often associated with the iconic character of Princess Kaguya and is a popular choice for young girls today. Finally, we have the chonmage. This style is believed to have originated in the late Edo period and was

10 Modern Japanese Hairstyles You Need to Tryjapanese hairstyles

1. Samurai Bun: For a look as fierce as a samurai warrior, the samurai bun is the way to go. It’s a high-top knot secured with chopsticks and decorated with a few strategically placed ribbons for a truly unique look.

2. Ponytail with Chopsticks: Perfect for those days when you want to look put-together but don’t want to spend too much time on your hair. Grab your hair into a ponytail and secure it with two chopsticks for an effortlessly chic style.

3. Geisha Braid: This traditional style is as elegant as eye-catching. The Geisha braid starts with two tight braids at the sides of your head. Then, the two braids are plaited together to create one long braid secured at the nape of your neck.

4. Ribbon-Wrapped Ponytail: For a playful twist on the classic ponytail, wrap a ribbon around your hair and secure it with a bow at the nape of your neck. It’s the perfect way to give any look a pop of color.

5. Fishtail Braid: This romantic braid looks intricate but is surprisingly easy to do. Could you make sure to use a bit of hairspray to keep it in place all day?

6. Kanzashi Bun: For a more formal

Essential Tips and Tricks for Styling Japanese Hair

1. Start with a Scalp Massage: Treat your mane to a relaxing scalp massage before styling. This will help to loosen the hair and increase circulation, making it easier to style.

2. Lock in Moisture: Protect your hair with a generous amount of conditioner and leave-in cream before styling. This will help keep your hair looking and feeling soft and healthy.

3. Try a Hair Oil: To help give your hair a shiny, healthy look, use a light hair oil. This will help create a smooth, polished finish.

4. Use Styling Products: Use mousse, wax, or gel to help create the desired look. These products will help hold your style in place and keep your hair looking great.

5. Try Different Techniques: Experiment with braiding, curling, and straightening techniques. This will help you create unique styles and give you a variety of looks to choose from.

6. Finish with Hairspray: Use a light hairspray to lock in your style. This will help keep your hair looking perfect all day long.

The Benefits of Wearing a Japanese Hair Accessory

You may have seen it at the mall, or you may have seen it in a movie. But did you know that wearing a Japanese hair accessory can benefit your life in more ways than one? First of all, who doesn’t love a bit of extra flair? With a Japanese hair accessory, you can add unique, stylish flair to your look. Whether a sleek and sophisticated pin or a colorful and playful headband, these accessories can take your look to the next level. And with so many styles to choose from, you can be sure to find one that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re bold, adventurous, or subtle and sophisticated, there’s sure to be a Japanese hair accessory that’s just right for you. But wearing a Japanese hair accessory isn’t just about looking good. It can also be about feeling good. Studies have shown that wearing a hair accessory can boost your confidence. So if you’re feeling a bit down, why not try wearing a Japanese hair accessory and see if it helps? Finally, if you’re looking to make a statement, a Japanese hair accessory is the perfect way to do it. Whether at the office or out in the town, a Japanese hair accessory can be a great way to show off your unique style and make a lasting impression. So why not

The Different Types of Japanese Haircuts for Women and Men

Japanese haircuts are renowned for their precision and style. There's something for everyone, from sleek bob haircuts to elaborate samurai-inspired techniques. But with so many different options, it can take time to decide which is right for you! For the ladies, there’s the classic bob cut. Sleek and stylish, this cut is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance look that still looks chic. Why not try a shaggy-style cut with long layers and a fringe for something more daring? If daring, try out a punk-inspired style with a choppy, asymmetrical look. For the gents, there’s the traditional samurai-style cut. With its long, sweeping bangs and shaved sides, this classic look is sure to turn heads. But if you’re looking for something more modern, try a short, spiky style with bangs swept to the side. Or, if you’re feeling daring, go for a mohawk with a shaved section down the middle. No matter your style, Japanese haircuts will make you stand out from the crowd!


Japanese hairstyles are a great way to express yourself and add a unique flair to your look. From traditional styles like the classic bob to the more modern styles like the shaggy cut, there is something for everyone. With simple tools and techniques, you can easily create a hairstyle that will make you look and feel amazing. Not only are Japanese hairstyles stylish, but they are also highly functional and can withstand different weather conditions. So, if you’re looking for a new look, why not try Japanese hairstyles?

New Japanese Cool this Season

Japanese hairstyles are more towards a cute, sweet angle, people towards Japan do not possess high-volume hair, and they mostly have thin coats with which the haircut figuring short hairs look more appropriate. We all know that naturally, there is a lot of difference between men's and women's hairstyles, and both could be recognized easily. Excluding some hairstyles where men have also started to carry ponytails and long straight hair, and women have adopted bob cut as one fabulous hairdo that was once considered a straight men hairstyle.

What Japanese hairstyles can women explore?

If we talk about Japanese hairstyles, the various options available for women include the following:

Japanese Bob haircut

japanese hairstyles - bob haircut- The bob haircut is women’s best friend. It is easy to carry, and it looks cool on women. It gives an independent personality to the women, and on the other hand, it makes a girl look cute and straightforward. Thus, it could be called a versatile look which enhances your personality. With bob cut at the back, straight cut flicks on the forehead adds an elegant touch to the face.

Toy cut look

japanese hairstyles- The new trendy short hair with longer flicks in front is the Japanese hairstyles latest look which has been adapted by smart girls in all over the world. This model look is meant for young girls, but if you are old by age but young at heart, then you could also carry on with this look. As we all know, fashion is being comfortable in what you wear so if you are comfortable in wearing this look; then you could do it anytime as well as anywhere.

Short hairs with layers at the neck

japanese hairstyles- If you desire to carry short hairs with more of a girly touch to it, then you could get you locks cut short from the front while adding layers at the back covering your neck. This is the new trendy hairstyle that is in fashion presently.

Entwined neat look

japanese hairstyles - Entwined neat look- Even if you have short, thin hairs, but long enough to tie then you could go with an interweaved look where at the backside you can match your locks, and in the front, you can let it open on your forehead. With this way, you can easily carry two types of looks at the same time.


Shabby short hairs

professional hairstyles- If you are more of a raw personality, then you could bring the shabby short hair look. This Japanese hairstyle is prevalent among young girls, and it is considered as the new cool this season.

Bottom curled and upper straight

professional hairstyles- If you have long hairs, then you could mix it with curls and go with a flow of straight plus curled locks. This Japanese hairstyles give you an elegant look and make you look fantastic at every place where you go.

Men get ready to dress in new trendy hairstyles

This would be enough for women hairstyles, let’s explore some men Japanese hairstyle and know about what is on trend with men.

Shabby regular

japanese hairstyles - men - Shabby regular- A rough proper haircut would not sound much appealing to you, but if you carry it with style, it will make you look handsome. This Japanese hairstyle would go well on along a lot of occasions, and yet another advantage of this hairstyle is its low maintenance cost. Like all that you have to do after dressing up. Is just put a comb in your hairs and you are ready to go.

Middle hair spiked

japanese hairstyles - men - Middle hair spiked- This form of a hairstyle works well with the gentleman as well as party look as it compliments regular, casual, and formal wear. All that you do with this hairstyle gels it up into spikes in the middle area of your head that it is leaving the portion above your ears.

Short jagged hairs


-An all-over sharp spiky look adds charm to your personality and makes you look trendy in whatever you wear. It highlights your character and gives a more settled look to your attire and personality.

Shorter on the side and long spiked in the middle

japanese hairstyles - men - Shorter on the side, and long spiked in the middle- It is a hip-hop kind of hairstyle that carries well with teenagers and people who are more towards an artistic side. This is a creative Japanese hairstyle; thus, it goes well with creative people. You should always wear hairstyle which compliments your personality; as if you would go against your character then you would feel like you have landed in an aliens land.

Longed gelled up style

japanese hairstyles - men - gelled- if you carry longs hairs, then you could gel them up and pull them down towards your neck, both from the front and the back.

Medium length with fringes on the forehead

japanese hairstyles - men -Medium length with fringes on the forehead- This cool hairstyle is in demand and style for a very long time. This hairstyle has not lost its charm since the very beginning, and it has always been appreciated by the eyes that notice it. With this love-filled sexy hairstyle, you get a chance to attract women to your hot look.

What to try new?

Not only this, but there is a lot more with which you could experiment. Experimentation gives birth to innovation, and change in fashion is in demand. Whatever is new and it trendy becomes a fashion, so instead of copying style, why not create your trend. Being in trend is what the need of the hour is. And living in this contemporary world, you have to be presentable to get noticed in the world in which you move.

Japanese hairstyles are many, but fashion for you should be something in which you feel comfortable. Create your style, and let others copy for you. Apart from this follow the simple rule of being comfortable in your . tyle because if you would carry a style just for the sake of it being it fashion then you will neither be able to keep yourself happy nor would you be comfortable. So, there is no point called as a force in style; all this fashion is comfort and convenience.