Japanese perm

September 18, 2019



japanese hairstylesHave you been dreaming of having a perfectly straight and smooth hair? What hair treatments have you tried and found out they don’t work? If you want hair that is smooth, silky and stays straight for a very long time, then what you are looking for is a straight Japanese perm. This type of hair treatment allows hair to be straightened out and to retain its straightness for a long time unlike other hair straightening treatments. The straight Japanese perm also lets your hair have this silky and smooth hair that is very soft to the touch and shines when it hits the sunlight.


japanese hairstylesThe straight Japanese perm treatment is relatively new and was conceived from technological advancements in hair care from the country of Japan.  It is a complicated process and usually lasts for hours. Your hair would be washed first and shampooed with specific products that will prepare hair for the treatment. The next step is the application of chemicals that will help straighten out fibers.

After the chemicals have been applied, the hair is then heated to help uncurl hair and to activate the chemical in it. Once the first heat treatment is done, hair is then applied with another set of chemicals for the hair to achieve sheen and to soften the fibers. Once again, the hair would undergo heat treatment for it to be flattened and absorb the chemical that was applied. The process is repeated for several times until the hair will achieve the best quality of straightness and silkiness possible.


After the treatment, there are certain precautions to be observed so that the treatment will last. These precautions are to be done within a day or two. The hair should not be washed or absorb moisture from any sources. That means washing of hair should be done after two days, and excessive sweating should also be avoided, and, being under rain or mist can also moisten hair, so it’s best to avoid them. But once you have finished observing the necessary precautions, you can freely take a bath or not worry about hair being wet. Proper hair care should also be seen; avoid being under too much sun, being in saltwater too long, and applying harsh chemicals and subjecting hair to more treatment like ironing. Once these things are followed, then you can be sure that your hair’s condition will be maintained for plenty of weeks and even months.



japanese hairstylesMaking hair look good requires you to invest in effective hair products and treatments. It’s necessary always to take care of your hair for it to retain its healthy state and achieve a condition where it’s smooth and silky. Having a perfectly straight hair is not something that everyone has, so the best solution to making the perfect and straight hair is through this beneficial and revolutionary hair treatment from Japan. You don’t want to be using a hair treatment that doesn’t work or only lasts for a few weeks.