The right color for your faceshape

September 18, 2019

Highlight your best facial features with the right hair color


Would you like to know if blondes have more fun, or redheads have more sex? First thing, you need to check if your skin tone can wear it. Below you can compare yourself with nine colors and see if you are a sexy Christina Hendricks or a 'Posh' Victoria Beckham.



blonde hair colorBaby blonde: Being baby blonde, requires a significant commitment. Celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo says that if you must have the light golden color, it needs that you get the hair root colored up every three weeks. Since the bleaching of the hair often is harmful, you should also consider keeping your hair short to prevent too many hair breakages and split ends.



blonde hair colorGolden blonde
: Golden blonde is a little warmer color and is perfect for the transition between summer and autumn. Professional hairdresser, Rona O'Connor, mix honey and apricot shades to create the multi-dimensional look. She ends with highlights to brighten her face.




blonde hair colorDark Blond outgrowth: Surprisingly, Gisele Bündchens blonde color at the tips are not a result of the sun's fading, but she has her scalp dyed darker.  It's perfect for women who want to have their natural hair color back and let it grow back.



blonde hair colorStrawberry blonde: Skin color is one of the most critical factors you must have into consideration when dying your hair red. Nicole Kidman's skin is very light, and this strawberry blonde hue matches well with the pink undertones, who is in her skin. This red shade is cutest on women with naturally blond or dark blond hair.




blonde hair colorCopper: For women with green or brown eyes, the darker shades of red seems more flattering. See, for example, Julianne Moore.  She has reddish and light skin, but people with a more olive tinge in the skin could also wear this color.





blonde hair colorApricot: Christina Hendricks wear this red color nice, and it is a perfect complement to her bright blue eyes. The lighter your eyes, the more intelligent you can also color the hair.




chestnut hairChestnut: - This is a color that anyone can wear. This chestnut hue highlights among other Victoria Beckham’s brown eyes. If you want her hair look, ask your hairdresser about a dark brown base with caramel or auburn highlights to highlight and frame the face. Red highlights are the key to this look.




ash brown hair colorAsh Brown: When you dye your hair dark, it is crucial to think about the length of your hair and your height. When you are long, dark hair and is also high, it looks very elegant.. But if you're small, be sure to have it a little in the floors. It will add movement to your hair and highlight your face and your body shapes.




dark hair colorDark brown/black: Olivia Munn can carry this deep and dark color because of her olive-green complexion. One must always be careful with this dark colors.  I would never suggest anyone color the hair that dark immediately. You can still make it darker with time, but if it is only dark, it 's hard to make it brighter.