5 popular hairstyle

October 6, 2019

Is it time for a change? Or are you just interested in what men's hairstyles we're going to see this year? We all tend to stick to the same hairstyle for a little too long. This is the place to find some inspiration for your next haircut.

We bid on the five most popular men's hairstyles this year. Not only that, but we also give you a small review on which haircut is optimal for each hairstyle, what hair products you need, and how to get the perfect look.

Undercut Quiff

This is arguably one of the most popular men's hairstyles in recent years. It's a hairstyle we've seen a lot, and we will see it a lot this year as well.

Where the hairstyle in the past few years has had to sit tight, this year, you will see a more messy variation of the men's hairstyle. The hairstyle will have more fullness and volume than there has been in the past. This is a trend that is echoed by several of the most popular men's hairstyles of the year.

hairstyles for men

How do you get this men's hairstyle?

It all starts at your hairdresser. You need to get your hairdresser to make a disconnection (a steep transition from very short hair at the sides and neck too long hair at the top). Then you can have your hairdresser make a tape fit in the sides and neck where the hair on top stays at the desired length.

You've been to the hairdresser and got the perfect haircut, so now it's time to style it right. We must first have chosen the right saline spray. For this hairstyle, we recommend ID Hair Elements - Silver Saltwater Spray, which adds texture and volume to your hair, which this hairstyle needs.

Wet your hair and dry it with a towel. Apply a saline spray to your hair roots and blow-dry your hair using a round brush to create even more texture and volume.

Now it's time for the finishing touch. Here you need a wax that gives your hair medium hold and leaves it with a matte look. We recommend Njord Hair Wax as it possesses precisely the properties this hairstyle needs. Heat a small dab of wax in your hand and create texture with your fingers.

The "bedhead" look

One hairstyle that you will draw attention to is a textured crop. It is a very natural men's hairstyle that exhibits some form of indifference. It looks like you just got out of bed - in a cool way.

If you have thick hair with a natural structure in the hair and you need to stand out a bit, then this men's hairstyle is just for you!

hairstyles for men

How do you get this men's hairstyle?

Again, this hairstyle starts at your hairdresser. You should ask your hairdresser to cut your sides and neck up to the top. Your hair on top should stay the desired length - preferably a little long. Also, it must be cut to create a secure and almost square structure, as seen in the picture.

Once you get the perfect cut, the hairstyle itself is not very difficult to style. Usually, when styling the hair, you counteract the hair because you typically lift the hair. With this men's hairstyle, you let the hair work for you. You could avoid using hair products for this hairstyle to give it an even more natural look.

However, we recommend using hair wax. Here Sebastian Craft Clay is an excellent choice as it gives a medium hold and a matte look, so the natural look is intact. This is why you ensure that your hair stays as it should throughout the day, but that you can also make some texture changes throughout the day if you want to change the look a bit.

Would you like a slightly more slick and glossy look? Then you drop the matte wax and take a balm instead. It could be Mr. Natty Pomade Wax Hair Preparation that gives your hair a beautiful shine and a good hold. Make your hair a little moisturized and spread a little bit of balm in your hair until the desired look is achieved, if you want a lot of shine, then distribute some more pomade in the hair.

The Tapered High & Tight

This hairstyle is a bit ala the "Bedhead" look in that the styling is minimal. So if you are unable to style your hair every day, this hairstyle is for you. You can vary this hairstyle according to the length of the top of the head and the direction in which you want to style the hair.

If you don't mind spending time styling the hairstyle, then this is the hairstyle for you. However, you need to be sure to get the right cut!

hairstyles for men

How do you get this men's hairstyle?

The most important thing about this hairstyle is the haircut itself. You should ask to have the hair cut on the sides and neck very short, and then leave a short amount of hair on top. The length of the top must be from short to medium length if you would like to run the classic.

Now we come to the styling itself, which is done in 30 seconds with this hairstyle. You need a fiber paste that gives your hair a good hold as well as a natural texture and finish. Here, for example, American Crew Fiber is perfect as it does just that. Heat an appropriate amount in your hand and benefit in towel-dried hair and work towards your bangs to create texture.

The Natural Messy look

Again, we have a hairstyle that does not require that great styling. This year, there is no tendency for over-styling; it should all look natural. Just look at Jon Snow, who has perfected this look. With this men's hairstyle, it is essential not to "over style" and make too much of the haircut, let your natural structure shine.

If you have shoulder hair or a little shorter, then this hairstyle is just for you!

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How do you get this men's hairstyle?

Have you ever heard of getting a hair cut on floors? Your mom, sister, or girlfriend has probably talked about it before. Now you can jump in the talk because you must also have your hair cut in floors. Get your hair cut, so it complements the structure of the hair and the shape of your head.

We, therefore, recommend that you go to a salon for both men and women if you would like this men's hairstyle. This hairstyle requires techniques that are commonly seen in haircuts, so it will be safer to cut your usual barber this time around - unless he is really skilled and has experience in cutting long hair.

The styling itself is not very difficult. Make sure you let your hair dry naturally as we want the hair's natural structure to emerge. If you want a matte and chunky finish, then use a saline spray. We recommend ID Hair Elements - Silver Salt Water Spray that adds to your hair texture and volume.

If you want even more texture and shine, you need a soft wax. We recommend The Hair Company Soft Styling Fiber Wax. It allows you to create extra volume and fullness, while giving your hair a light to medium hold, allowing you to change it throughout the day.

Buzz Cut

Have you had a buzz cut in recent years? Then you've probably experienced being considered a rebel. Fortunately, this view is over, perhaps because of Beckham rocking a buzz cut not so long ago.

Having a buzz cut is a cool way to show off unique facial features and stand out as a good looking man. There is the problem, however, because you have to have a very well proportioned head before a buzz cut dresses one. If you have a lot of visible tubers on your head, then this hairstyle may not be for you.

hairstyles for men

How do you get this men's hairstyle?

Now you may think that the haircut itself is of less importance because it is just cutting all the hair at the same length. It doesn't quite fit because there must be tiny variations in the hair for a buzz cut to get the right effect. That's why you can't do it yourself, and you have to get hold of a barber who has mastered his craft.

Once you've got the right haircut, there's nothing left in it. For the first time, you should not style it at all. However, you should go to your hairdresser a little more often so that the hairstyle remains sharp.

If you let your hair grow a little longer, then you should grab a hair wax depending on which look you would like. For a matte finish and altered texture, we recommend the classic ID Wax Extreme Titanium that gives you an all-day hold and a matte finish.

Are you looking for a slightly shiny look? Then the Baxter of California Water Pomade is perfect! It gives you a natural hold and a glossy finish, so you stand out a bit more with your buzz cut.

Be fashionable with these men's hairstyles

Now you have the opportunity to stay stylish regardless of your hair length. If you have long hair, you can go with long, plump hair. Do you have medium hair? Then you can start with a quiff and let it grow until you can get that long shaggy look - if that should be your goal.

If you have short hair, then a buzz cut or tapered high & often a sure winner! You can also try something new and let the top grow a little more so you can get the "Bedhead" look. If you are healthy, then you can start with a buzz cut and then see how many of these men's hairstyles you can reach this year.

No matter what men's hairstyle you end up with, you are guaranteed a fashionable hairstyle. You have the guide, the hair products, and the hair. Now it's just getting started so that you can be in fashion right from the start!