7 classic man hairstyles

September 18, 2019

We recommend seven classic men, hairstyles.


Hair fashion is always changing. But certain hairstyles are so classical they keep coming back. We have found seven styles, which we see again and again. Of course, they come with small adjustments and twists in the term as manifestations of the fashion but fundamentally rooted in the same formula.

All the hairstyles can be used to smooth as well as curly hair, but if you have curly hair, you need to use a stronger hair product with more texture to look where the hair is tightly scraped over his head.

Most of the hairstyles will also work even if your hair is starting to be a little thin on top.

If you have a moon,  you should cut your hair down, but to incipient, a moon is more of hairstyles, maybe except for the pan, suitable, because the hair can cover it.

Often it is a good starting point for a successful hairdresser visit if you show your hairdresser a picture of the look you'd like to see. You're not necessarily going to look like James Dean, if you look very opposites by nature, but it is a good starting point to create what you want. It depends, of course, on your head shape and your hair quality, but a good hairdresser can almost always work towards something that affects the DNA in any style you dream about.

Hitler Jugend – Side part.

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The reference Hitler Jugend is known by several hairdressers, but you do not necessarily mean that you are an obedient young boy in the Third Reich, you can also think of a good man like Robert Redford, which is nearly world champion in the classic side parting. This goes as the most secure, flattering hairstyle for men. It is a clean, classic style. There does not have to be super much hair product in, and the hairstyle does not need to be licked smooth to the side - in any case, side parting provides a profoundly timeless look. Ask the hairdresser to cut the neck and edges succinctly - both with scissors and knife for a thoroughly clean and tailored look.


Van Dango - Back Stroked

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This is also classic and timeless - but not everyone can wear it. It requires the right hair texture and thickness, and it even goes to the man with a full moon - but perhaps it is nonetheless ideal for him was the only starting? Pages and neck clipped close and precise, like a "Hitler Youth," but the top has more length and brushed back. If you want a softer expression, the styles in a matte look, where it seems as if there is no product in - the more festive and licked look, you must have a product, lots of it, and remember to be smart in a hurry - it fit the style.

Surfer dude - The man page

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The man page is for the soft, sensitive type. For men with rich and well-groomed hair. This trend has been misunderstood by many men who see it as a way to cultivate the style that immediately seems to be the easiest: just to let the hair grow. But, but ... this style is intended for the opposite type of man. Either he who is blessed with beautiful hair naturally or he who maintains his hair a lot. The hairstyle is not flattering to the cool, unkempt couch surfer type - so make sure you get your hair cut regularly, it gives a healthier look.

James Dean - bombage

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For men who wish they were young in the 50s and cultivated Levis 501 with turn-ups and a white t-shirt, this very distinctive clip perfect. It requires training in styling, if you want it completely sharp, but can also be worn softer in expression, if you do not want to spend hours in front of the mirror. If you wish to the intense emotion,  be sure to add some hair product. There are built almost a box of sharp edges - waxing and flakes; hair shines flatly. It's not a clip for the lazy man; it requires much time and maintenance.

The rebel - Undercut

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Long on top and machine short at the sides and up during the long hair - it's a little punk in its expression and shows more edge than some of the above more clean haircuts. For men who want to stop using the long hair, but not quite dry.

Pot - yes ... pot

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Once a timeless classic. It had its heyday in the nineties and is now back in a shorter version. Many misunderstand this hairstyle and make the top too short. A sort of flat pan-hat which is only on the scalp, so the crown. Top and bottom must not fade softly into each other. However, pot effect is emphasized by a sharp edge between the top, "pot" -cut part of your hair and neck and sides that are cut short.

The rocker - The long hair

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The long-haired man is like the hair collected in the neck. Many men who have long hair, at least like. The reference is clearly over in rock-n-roll and metal. Especially if the hair is very long. If the hair is medium/shoulder length and is assembled in a small ponytail, the reference is not so narrow, and several types can wear hairstyles. The rules for this hairstyle is the same as the "man page." The hair must be well-groomed and clipped regularly. Otherwise, you risk a more dirty look that is not as encouraging.