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October 12, 2019

You remember how your hair looks after being cut by the hairdresser. It is probably perfectly set up, to the side or something completely third - just in the style you want and perfectly appropriate to your hair type and length.

So when you have to do the art after at home the next day, your hair might not be right in the closet. That is why I have here made a guide. It shows what kind of products are best for your hair and your style. Then it's like you've been to the hairdresser every day (just without the hair remnants on the shirt).

Now you may be asking, "Why is it so important for my hair to look good?". It's pretty simple. First, the hair can significantly change your appearance, giving you a more attractive look. Secondly, you don't want to be him at work as the others talk about because he needs a haircut.

Know your hair type

Thin, thick, straight, wavy, or perfectly curly hair. Does it have a meaning? Yes! Roughly speaking, knowing your hair type is as important as knowing your shoe size when going out and buying new shoes. For example, if your hair is very thin and fine, it can be very cumbersome to use a durable hold wax, as the hair can then be weighed and damaged.

Many have a combination of several hair types, but overall it is always important to know if you should avoid some specific products because of what is growing out of your scalp.

Find out what your hair needs

Then we come to the essence of the blog. What product do you need for your hairstyle? The market for hair products is enormous. It can be difficult to find around what is wax, what is pomade, and what is jelly because many of the same descriptions go again. Therefore, it is essential to know something about the most relevant terms.

Hold in a wax describes how strong it is to hold the hair in a specific place after it is set.

Shine/shine is described by-products that make the hair look shiny and have a wet look.

A matte/ dry look is when the product makes the hair look dull and natural.

Texture means that the hair gets fullness and shape

I have listed five hairstyles below and hopefully, and you can find one that is similar to the one you are looking for.

  1. Medium-length hair with texture and shine

man hairstyles

If you are a man with slightly longer hair, I do not recommend using wax with a too stronghold. This hairstyle needs texture and a bit of shine rather than stronghold - also, it can be a struggle to get stronghold wax out of long hair.

To get more texture and shine in longer hair, I especially recommend using styling cream. A not so popular method, however, is the best and most optimal solution for this style. This applies to both thin and thick hair, as it is relatively light.

  1. "back licked" - shiny and wet look

man hairstyles

The classic look with smooth and laid back hair is back! To apply this hairstyle, you need a reliable hold product and a great deal of shine. Therefore, I recommend using a balm for this.

The pomade can be used in virtually all hair types, lengths, and both wet and dry hair. The pomade creates texture and the ultimate shine for the hair. Besides, it lasts much longer than other hair products and even prevents hair from drying out.

  1. Short, smooth hair with texture

man hairstyles

For short landscape hair with texture, the hair should shine, while at the same time getting full and sitting reasonably stable. Therefore, you may want to use a medium hold wax or a pomade if you want more shine. Both wax and pomade go in and provide texture and delicate hold to the hair.

A wax that is recommended for this is preferably a wax that shines at the same time as it is curable. This means you can adjust your hairstyle during the day.

  1. The "bedhead" look

man hairstyles

A trend that has your look. The style where you try to put your hair down as if you just got up - only in a nice way, of course. Here you need a product that does not let the hair fall and is not shiny. Therefore, I recommend using matte, which is a strong team with a matte, raw, and dry result.

A clay wax helps to define the hair exactly as you want it, and at the same time, it is incredibly fragrant and attractive. They are soft and comfortable to distribute in all types of hair, and so it is a typical good mat that gives good volume to your hair.

  1. Short hair, set in a confident, firm manner

    man hairstyle

    It is perhaps the most widely used hairstyle, which can look in many different ways. Men with short hair with the potential to struggle will often benefit from wax with plenty of holds in. The stronghold of the wax ensures that the hairstyle sits the same throughout the day. Even if some (or all) of the hair should stand straight up.

    If you are a man with thick hair, a fiber wax will be preferable to this style. Fiber wax gives a stronghold, a bit of shine, and is easier to wash out, which is ideal for you with slightly thicker hair. Many manufacturers like one or two versions of a fiber wax. For the thin or medium hair, the apparent strong wax will be Njord Hair Wax, which is incredibly popular.

    Did you find what you were looking for?

    After reading this blog post, did you spend the entire time picking a product and putting your hair? Trim it all out and choose a style that yells 'bad-ass'! Trim it all out and choose a style that screams 'bad-ass'!