Get the perfect hair style

October 10, 2019

Have you tried scrolling through the Instagram feed where you see one cool hairstyle after another? You want to go out and try them all out or take a haircut for the hairdresser.

Then the problem arises: How do you get exactly the haircut that makes you get the hairstyle you want? We would love to help you with that, regardless of your hair length, we quickly styled your dream hairstyle the right techniques and the right hair products.

Hairstyling for short hair

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Short hair is and always has been a rock-proof look. Two classic hairstyles are short stride hair / lying back, and then there is the shabby look where the hair is facing the forehead, just as Beckham had it many years ago. These are two hairstyles that you still see a lot of people go with because they still hold 100%.

Haircutting is essential when you have short hair. With short hair, it is best to have a so-called fade or tapering, where the hair is shorter on the side of the head than on the top. Otherwise, you may be out to get around the head.

How to get the most out of your short hair

As a starting point, always apply dry hair styling products when you have short hair. With short hair, you need as much structure as possible, which gives dry hair wax.

Many people are overlooking just how important the right wax, even if you have short hair. When you have short hair and add wax to dry hair, there should be a bit of shine in the wax to give the hair a little play. At the same time, you need to make sure that there is a hold in the adult so that your hair sits right in the closet all day.

A hair wax like Njord Hair Wax is an obvious choice for short hair. It is a great wax developed for shorter hair. The hair wax gives you a stronghold with a small shot of shine; also, it is easy to wash out.


Here's how to make the two classic hairstyles

man hair styles

Start by washing your hair

Gently dry your hair with a towel

If your hair is not entirely dry, use a blow dryer

Unscrew the lid of your Njord Hair Wax, take a dab in the palm of your hand, and warm the wax.

Straight Hair: Take your fingertips and run up from scalp to hair tip

Forward Hair: Use the palms to drive the hair forward toward the forehead for the desired effect

Hairstyling for medium hair

Medium length hair gives you a myriad of options to vary your hairstyles. Of course, it is helpful to try something new, but it can also be a bit incomprehensible to have to master more hairstyles - We will probably help you so that you can expand your hairstyling repertoire.

When you have medium hair, you can either get a fade, or you can let the hair grow on the side. It can be done depending on which hairstyle you want to rock or if you want more to style in the form of hair on the sides.


Endless hairstyles for men with medium hair

man hair styles

With medium hair, you can almost pick and choose between hairstyles. You have the length to make it shaggy, lie back, or to one of the sides. Also, you can style your hair in either wet or dry hair, giving two completely different looks. Exactly as seen by two of the most popular hairstyles today.

If you style in wet hair, you will get a more slick look that gives a lot of shine, such as if you lay your hair back ala Beckham, where hairstyling in dry hair will provide you with a more natural look, as is often seen in hairstyles that are a bit more chubby.


Style yourself to the coolest hairstyle with a hairdryer or straightener

Medium hairstyling can be challenging due to swirls and curls. Here are hairdryers and straighteners, useful tools to help you with those problems.

One blow dryer we would like to recommend is the Remington AC5999 Pro-AC. It can quickly dry your hair, and it gives you good conditions to style your hairstyle as you like. If you apply wax to your hair before using the blow dryer, it will be easier to apply. One tip to create extra volume and fullness is to turn your hair down as you blow-dry.

Do you have many curls and swirls? Or do you want a completely smooth and slick look? In both cases, the straightener is a styling product for you. A straightener gives you the ability to remove clumsy vertebrae and curls, and it will be possible to get a completely smooth and slick look, which will be hard to get naturally.

Here's how to get a slick look

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Hairstyling medium hair

A hair styling product that suits super-sleek looks has been developed by the man known for the laid back hair - David Beckham. His House 99 Smooth Back Shaping Pomade is created for a slick and shiny look as it adds medium hold and natural shine to the hairstyle.

Start by washing your hair where you dry your hair with a towel. Now the question is whether to apply the pomade in wet or dry hair? Apply it on wet hair if you would like extra shine. Take the hairdryer and start drying your hair while using a brush to brush back the hair as well as create some volume. Finish with a little balm if it lacks the final finish.

Would you like more team than shine? Then you start by blow-drying your hair and smoothing it if you are bothered by swirls or if you want a completely straight look. Then heat the pomade in your hand and then "nudge" the balm into the hair with your fingers until you get the desired hairstyle.

How to get a shaggy hairstyle


Hairstyling medium hair

The optimal product for wavy hair is the hair wax we all use at one time or another - namely ID Hair Extreme Titanium. Hair wax is as created for shaggy hair as it possesses an extreme hold that leaves your hair with a shaggy and raw look.

Again, wash your hair and dry it with a towel. For a shaky look, the hair wax should always be applied to dry hair, so find the blow dryer and start to dry your hair thoroughly. Then heat a lump of wax in the palm of your hand, and then use your fingertips to create the plump look.


Hairstyling for long hair

Finding a long, beautiful hairstyle is a long process, so it is essential to use the right hair styling products and equipment to show off the splendid hairstyle.

Do you have long hair teasing with curls and swirls? Long curly hair can be a super cool look, but sometimes you have to rock a slightly smoother hairstyle. Here a good straightener is a great help as it goes in and makes your hair completely flat, so you have a bit more styling options.

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Your long hair requires more hair styling

Long hair styling is often more challenging because you have more hair to keep track of. Therefore, you need to find some hair products that can give your hair the nourishment and styling features it needs.

Find some hair products that add fullness and volume to your hair while not weighing it down.

How to get nice hanging hair


Hairstyling long hair

Having beautiful hanging hair is harder than it looks. It's not just making it through, and you look like a million. It takes care, small tricks, and the right hair styling products. Long hair has a bend at the tips, giving your head a triangular shape. We would very much like to avoid that.

Allow your hair to air dry or blow-dry until it is dry. Then we recommend using a texture spray to create some fullness at the top of the hair so that we avoid the triangular shape.

We recommend the Wella EIMI Body Crafter as it is an excellent texture-giving hair spray that gives a glossy and full-bodied finish with a medium hold. Apply the hairspray at the hair roots until the desired lift and volume are reached.

Now you are ready. Ready to show off your beautiful hair with long hanging hair. If you want to get it in a loose tuber later in the day, the volume and gloss added by the hair spray will give a bold effect.


How to get a real man bun

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Hairstyling long hair

Everyone had a man bun a few years ago. Fortunately, it has quieted down a bit, so now you can stand out with the cool hairstyle.

A man bun is easy to style if you use a leave-in conditioner. It gives your hair a lot of care and adds shine, volume, and a light hold. We recommend ID Hair Elements - Silver Leave-In Conditioner as it contributes precisely to the properties your hair needs for this hairstyle.

Take your leave-in conditioner and spread all over your hair, then blow-dry your hair as you brush it through and finally set it up in tubers. It's not harder, so now you're ready to stand out with a man bun.