Hairstyles for men

September 18, 2019

Man hairstyles

No doubt that woman has a lot more possibility’s with their hair, but that shouldn’t stop you. When it comes to man hairstyles, you must not forget that a big part of your identity is in your hair. This is not just something we make up, and it is a well-known fact that first impression last. During the first 5 sec. You will unproved make your mind towards the people you meet, and that goes the other way around as well. People will judge you by the way you look, and your hairstyle is a big part of it. Make sure that your close and hair send out the same signals. Otherwise, you will confuse the people you meet, and that tends to give them a negative impression. Close are easy to change, but you coming to man hairstyles it’s not just a matter of opening your closet. Beneath you can read about different style and what they signal.

Morning look

man hairstylesLooks random and messy, but takes a long time to look casual in ”the right way.”

Manny in the younger generations is using this particular hairstyle. It gives you a youthful and rebel look and signals that you do not take things to severe and are a loose type of guy. This is for the wild and party-minded who is up for fun.



man hairstylesYou will have to take a frequent visit to your hairdresser or have your trimmer. Manny woman finds this hairstyle masculine as they associate it with men in the army. Is your hair trimmed down to only a few mm, the impression you send out will be that you are a robust, powerful and masculine person?




man hairstylesIt takes a frequent visit to your hairdresser to make this look good. The close-cropped hairstyle is giving the impression of a man who cares about his appearance. A well-defined haircut thus indicates a man who is good at making decisions and keep appointments. Often will men with such a hairstyle end up in the 'pretty boy' category? So be careful if that is not the type of person you want to be.



 man hairstylesWhen men have the moon, it’s not something they have chosen by themselves. When getting up in years men’s hair tends to go thinner, and for some, it will end in a bald spot on the top of the head. It might not be your choice to have this, but it is absolutely up to you what you will make of it. What you do with the best of your hair will have an enormous impact on the impression you give to send out. If you let the rest grow, you will look like the smart, but a dull type of guy, if trimmed but a bit longer in the back, you will be the “down to earth” kind of guy


man hairstylesMen with curls often choose a hairstyle that hides them. This is a big mistake, and you should instead let it grow and show what you have. It can be a big fight to get the curls to sit in the right way after a good night sleep, but you have to do what it takes. Curly hair is a pleasant and creative man.



Backstroked hair

man hairstylesWill take time in the morning, and will not last all day. Bring extra grease in your back! Backstroked and greasy hair was previously associated with vendor types, and therefore men who were a little too confident. The latter is often still the case, but the hairstyle has recently had its renaissance, especially among younger men. Therefore, the back licked hair is today often an indication of a youthful man who has mastered both money and girls.



man hairstylesBald men divide into two categories. Those who are naturally bald and those who have shaved all the hair off. And the two types send some completely different signals. Naturally, bald men often expected to be intelligent, trustworthy and kind, while the unnaturally bare often associated with hard and not-so-clever lousy boy type of guy. For some reason, “pretty girls” seems to have a preference for this “bad boys” look



man hairstylesEasy to maintain. When men only comb the hair between cuts - and otherwise not given a thought, it's often a sign that they have more important things in life to move up ... usually their work. Or maybe they don’t care! These men will rarely get individual attention from the opposite sex and are often the nerdy type. They are what they are, and they cannot be changed. This is not that appealing look and should be avoided


Long hair

 man hairstylesWhen men choose long man hairstyles, and they let their hair grow, most women will automatically think of the sexy and romantic Latino type. Especially if the hair is more than shoulder length. If the hair curls a bit, this will only amplify this. Beware, though; this is not for everybody. If you do not have a vigorous and healthy hair, the lengthy hairstyle will not fit you and should, by all means, avoid