Hair turning white from fear

January 10, 2020

Can Your Hair Turn White From Fear?

The short answer to the question is no. No, you can not have your hair turning white from fear. 

Once your hair has already grown, it’s essentially a dead cell. There is no factor, psychological or physiological that exists inside your body can turn it to white. Externally, of course, we have different colorants and shampoos that you can use to turn your hair white, silver, gray, or from gray to black, brown, blonde, and so on. Other than the myth of fear causing your hair to turn white overnight, the only possible explanation for this is alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease. This disease’s favorite target of an attack is pigmented hair such as black or brown, while white and silver are left behind. 

In autoimmune diseases, stress can be one of the triggering factors. So, if you had a rough argument, a fright, or anything that can be stressful, the disease can wake up. You might wake up the next morning with it seeming as though all your hair has turned white from fear. 

Now that we have debunked the myth behind hair turning white from fear, if you do think you have a disease such as alopecia areata, visit a clinic as soon as possible. If that is not the case and your hair is turning white for other reasons, well, we can offer you some advice on how to keep your white hair happy and healthy. Of course, dyeing your hair is always an option if you don’t like the white, in which case we think Celeb Luxury Viral Colorditioner is an excellent choice. You can go for shimmery silver with this or choose more vibrant colors such as blue, green, pink, and so on. In all honesty, if you are going to color your hair, it might as well be bold. 

Now, let’s look at some easy routines for your white hair. 

1. Cut Back on Shampooing

In general, white hair tends to be on the dry side. If it isn’t taken care of, it can quickly turn into a frizzy mess. 

How do you counteract dull color and frizzy fringes? Well, you will have to start by completely changing your bath routine. First of all, stop washing your hair with shampoo every single day. Shampoos play a considerable role in stripping away the moisture from your hair. So, imagine what shampoo can do to already dry hair. You can slow down your shampooing routine by limiting it to every other day. However, if you see your hair continues to look good with this new routine, maybe you can skip even more days. There are lots of people that barely wash their hair once a week and still have shiny, smooth hair. 

Now, while you should shampoo less, when you do shampoo, the product should be a moisturizing one for white hair. Purple Shampoo is one of the best ones, with its purple-tinted color and hydrating qualities.

The company also uses natural ingredients for its shampoo, which is a must when you are choosing for white hair. If you do see your roots start appearing too greasy with the new routine, you can sneak in a dry shampoo once in a while. Baebody Tea Tree Oil Shampoo would be a good companion in this situation. 

2. Pay Attention to Your Conditioner

Just like your shampoo, your conditioner needs to be suited to your white hair. 

Deep conditioning is a must. Try doing it regularly and with a good conditioner. Hask Jhirmack Conditioner can be your deep conditioning friend in this case, as it is exclusively made for white and silver hair. It is also compatible with dyed hair. Once a week, for at least 20 to 30 minutes, try and deep condition. Keep up the conditioning routine after shampooing every time as well. This way, your hair will be able to benefit from the full essence of the moisture. If you keep conditioning consistently, your strands will stay healthy for a long period. 

3. Don’t let Nature Ruin Your Hair

A direct hit of the sun rays and insistent winds playing with your strands can cause your hair to be devoid of moisture real quick. It doesn’t take long for your hair to start looking frizzy in this situation. So, if you are going to be fighting a losing battle with nature for some time, it is better to cover up your hair. A hat, a head wrap, or a scarf; wear anything you like to cover up. There are even scarves for the expressive purpose of covering up your hair, such as Bamboo Large Slip-On

4. A Good Old Fashioned Haircut

Once in a while, trimming your hair can do wonders for it. You might mourn the loss of your gorgeous locks, but what once worked for your long brown hair cannot be as suitable to your now white. A good haircut can make your otherwise dull white hair look like the ultimate fashion statement. Stylists also know how to make your hair look voluminous. Just find the right stylist for you. An excellent way to do that would be to ask your friends. Don’t forget to ask the stylist for some extra hair care secrets once you’re done cutting your hair. 


We went from wondering whether fear can actually turn your hair to white to what to do about the now white hair. We firmly believe that if you follow these easy tips, your hair will retain its shiny and smooth quality despite turning white. When your hair turns white at a young age, it can be quite a shock to the system. Your hair might turn even grayer because you are busy stressing about what it has become. Our suggestion would be not to lose hope and slowly work on making your hair pretty again. Some of these shampoos and conditioners certainly help in that regard.