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Gray hair

For many years gray hair has been something men and women has been bored to get, and something that most would instantly color away with a more “youthful” hair color.
But already in 2012, we suddenly started to see a lot of gray-haired beauties in the fashion scene. And no, it was not a sudden increase in the average age, but young women who put on the gray hair color and dyed their hair “silver”, grayish or “platinum blonde with a blue/gray shade” – a dear child has many names, as they say.
And the gray fashion has continued

Why do we get gray hair?

Like the body, the hair grows older. As the hair ages, it produces fewer and fewer pigments, so whether you now have blonde, brown, red or black hair, you can expect your hair to fade in color at some point and eventually turn gray or white – the stage where there are no more pigments left in the hair.
To color the hair gray
Whether you go for gray, “silver” or cold platinum blonde with a bluish tint, there are gray hair colors to suit your desire. As a starting point, we always recommend that you go to a hairdresser to get your hair dyed. The hairdresser can help you find the gray hair color that suits your skin tone, thus avoiding being shocked by a home coloring result that has gone completely wrong.
If you want to color your hair gray you can choose either permanent and full gray hair color or you can use a gray rinse color which gives a grayish shade, thus making a more gentle transition to your new hair color.
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