Hair color

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The hair color that suits you

Your hair can say so many things about you as a person, whether short, long, curly, or smooth. But especially your hair color can help describe a lot about you. Maybe you already have an idea of ​​what shade you want to experiment with, while at other times it might just be a burning desire for transformation that drives the desire to change hair color.

Which hair color suits me?

Before dyeing your hair, it’s a good idea to find out which hair color is right for you.

It is your skin tone/complexion that determines which hair colors are right for you.

Dark skin

If you have dark skin, the dark hair colors will often dress you the best: Brown and black are obvious choices. If you choose light or red colors, the result will look unnatural.

Light skin with warm tones

The light complexion with golden shades can carry all variations of blonde hair. The warm shades of the skin make sure you do not look pale, even if you color your hair very lightly.

Light skin with pink tones

If you have pink tones on your skin, you may already have reddish hair. The pink undertones mean that the red hair will dress you up. If you are not into red, blonde colors may be a good choice. However, you should stay away from completely platinum blonde as it will make you look pale.

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