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The plum hair color

When we talk about plum hair color, we’re referring to that type of hair that’s a blend of red and purple tones that are usually dark, and it often flatters everywhere making you look gorgeous. It’s unique since it’s not ordinary like the others which make any lady having it very attractive and outstanding.

It has two main categories, namely:

•    Bluish plum hair

•    Reddish plum hair

When plum hair color is more bluish, it is referred to as cold, whereas if it happens to be a little bit more reddish. It’s said to be warm. Another unique feature of plum hair color is that it works well on both light-skinned women as well as dark-skinned women.


This type of hair fits well on various groups of skin colors, namely:

    Ladies with olive skin

    Ladies with neutral skin

    Ladies with pinkish skin


You’ll find that those ladies with olive skin love cool plum hair which has less redness on it. On the other hand, those ladies with skin that has warm undertones fit well on plum hair that has a lot of red blended in it.

Also, there is that group of ladies that have neutral skin color as well as fresh skin that is pinkish. This type of group can have any plum hair color as it fits on any one of them very nicely.

It’s crucial to choose plum hair color wisely so that it matches your skin. It makes you fulfill unique and outstanding due to the type of hair on you.
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