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By this method, you apply hot wax to the area you must have waxed, put a strip over and move – opposite to the grout. As you grow, the hair is pulled up at the root, which means that this type of hair removal is also excruciating. The waxing can either be done at home, or you can choose to grow on a professional at a clinic.


Since the hair is completely removed at the root, it takes longer for the hair to grow out than, for example, shaving. When they start reappearing, they are soft and elegant, and it can take up to 6 weeks before you need to think about hair removal again. It is a highly effective method where you can take large areas at once. If you grow regularly, fewer and thinner hairs will appear over time. You can use wax all over the body and on the face and is a quick path to hair removal.


It is very painful. As in a lot. If you choose to grow in a clinic, it can at the same time run into a lot of money, as it should be kept at just about every four weeks. Also, the hair must be about half an inch for the wax to get a proper grip. So you have to let them grow out and live with some hair on their legs for some time before you can become hair-free again.
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